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Title: Stay
Summary: Rapunzel is sick of staying in City Hall.
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Insanity, unhealthy relationship, all that fun stuff..
Fandom: Tangled/Megamind
Verse: Eleven!Verse
Characters/Pairing: Megamind, Rapunzel; Megamind/Rapunzel
Word Count: ~296
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Disney owns Tangled and Dreamworks owns Megamind.
Author's Note: Yep, here's my monthly dose of crazy writing.

You belong to me... )
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Title: For the Good of the Town - Prologue 
Summary: Gustave Myros goes to fix the workings at the steam power plant, and comes across a woman who seems so out of place there.
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Gruesome and gory death, with limited description.
Fandom: Tangled/Megamind
Verse: Steampunk
Characters/Pairing: Megamind, Rapunzel, Misc.; Megamind/Rapunzel
Word Count: ~324
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Disney owns Tangled, Dreamworks owns Megamind. The title, as well as Fredrick Worthington and his death, come from the song "Blood, Sweat and Tears" by The Cog Is Dead. The name Gustave Myros was given to this version of Megamind by [ profile] truthliesmagic.

He first met her as the result of a most tragic accident. )

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Title: Happy Accidents
Summary: Megamind and Rapunzel fall asleep watching tv; the next morning, Megamind panics.
Rating: G
Warning: FLUFF
Fandom: Megamind/Tangled Crossover
Pairing: Megamind/Rapunzel
Disclaimer: I don't own anything - the Megamind parts are Dreamworks', the Tangled parts, Disney's. This is just for fun, and I'm making no money off of it at all. 
Author's Note: Based on a roleplay 'verse with [ profile] travelistaa 

A bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck. )
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 'Breaking this journal in with the tried and true OTP...


After Princess Rapunzel was married to her consort, there was a grand feast of a meal held, not just for the happy couple and their family, but for the entire kingdom. The newly weds had decided it wouldn’t do to only invite the members of court. Of course, even the castle didn’t have room to house the entire populace of Corona, and so, many locations throughout the kingdom had been set up, with Six and Rapunzel eating a dish at each. It was a tiring experience, true, but the pair was all too willing, for the people of Corona offered them such warm acceptance and love, so glad to have their lost princess back and happy.

For dessert, the two disappeared from the kingdom entirely, and only their family could have known they’d snuck off to a pub across the bridge, to enjoy cupcakes made by a ruffian.


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