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24 Icons of Johnny from Hotel Transylvania
-18 canon images and 6 fanart.
-No hotlinking; comments are nice.
-Credit to [personal profile] oricouldbeapoet required for canon image icons, optional for fanart ones.
-Fanart icons MUST be credited to [tumblr.com profile] ask-johnnystein-art.

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55 Monster High Icons; Various Characters
All images were found on the franchise's wiki, and were of varying quality.
Credit to [personal profile] oricouldbeapoet, please. Comments are always appreciated.

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339 The Lorax Icons
Once-ler (old and young), Ted, Audrey, Lorax + 1 Ted's Mom, 2 Misc.
No hotlinking.
Comments are nice, but not required.
Credit [personal profile] oricouldbeapoet.

Some of these are of questionable quality, some due to low screenshot quality, and others due to KABBY STOP PLAYING WITH CONTRAST.

Also yes this is a 'click the link for the photobucket album' post, because I do not think I have the willpower to code them all into an entry, even if it IS just copypasta.

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16 The Lorax Fanart Icons
13 Once-ler; 3 Ted
All art by [tumblr.com profile] unlessler 
You don't need to credit back here, but you do need to credit the artist.

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17 Merida from Brave Icons.
-No hotlinking
-Comments are nice but not required
-Credit [personal profile] oricouldbeapoet
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