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Jam Session

Title: Jam Session
Summary: They would never have willingly let their jam sessions become group therapy.
Rating: G
Warning: Drama queens.
Fandom: Adventure Time, The Lorax
Verse: Paradisa AU
Characters/Pairing: Marceline Abadeer, The Once-ler
Word Count: 390
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Adventure Time and The Lorax belong to their respective owners; the concept for Paradisa is credited to the game's former and current moderators.

Once their jam sessions become an almost regular thing – almost, because Marceline hates to be too tied down to a schedule, and Once-ler’s mood is far from predictable beyond his being predictably self-loathing – they start becoming mixed jam sessions-slash-group therapy. It’s not something either of them realizes is happening, because they sure wouldn’t willingly let it become that.

But one day, as the finish up a new song they’re working on, Marceline looks over the lyrics she’s written and laughs a hollow little laugh. “We’re two really messed up people, aren’t we?”

At first, Once-ler tries to joke it off. “I’m a mess up person. You’re a messed-up immortal… Thing.”


“Yeah, I don’t get that. Didn’t you say your dad’s a demon.”

Marceline shrugs, the smirk that was briefly on her face fading away. “It’s kinda complicated,” she says, which Once-ler takes to mean it’s a story she’s not up for sharing. He understands that; he hasn’t told her about the trees yet, not really. About being a corrupt businessman, yes, but not the whole story. She also knows about Ino and Sheena, because he felt oddly compelled to share that after she told him about a girl who apparently was a candy princess.

…And then she’s waving a gray, pointy-nailed hand in his face. He blinks back to the present, making some odd, murmured noises as he does so. “Wha?”

“I asked if you were okay. You kinda zoned out there.”

“I’m… Me.”

Marceline rolls her eyes, but nods. “You’re such a drama queen, you know?”

She doesn’t get it. She really doesn’t get just how bad he is… Yet, she seems to fully accept that he is bad. And that makes things easier. With a tiny smile, he tosses a pair of candy apple red gloves her way, causing her to stare from them up to him, clearly confused.

“They were a Christmas gift from my friend Rapunzel. I have my own gloves, but she made those herself, so I guess I have to wear them. I just don’t really do red. Grey would be better.”

Marceline grins at him, and soon after throws the now-grey gloves back to him. He’s sure it’s no accident that they hit him right in the face, but whatever. She’s a jerk, yeah, but sometimes she can be tolerated.

“Thanks, Marcy.”

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