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Love is Not a Victory March

Title: Love is Not a Victory March
Summary: The castle doesn't care about things like love.
Rating: PG
Fandom: Tangled, The Lorax, Naruto and Ib references.
Verse: [community profile] paradisa 
Characters/Pairing: Rapunzel, The Once-ler, mentions of Ino and Garry; mentions of Rapunzel/Garry and one-sided!Once-ler/Ino
Word Count: ~521
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Disney/Illuminations/Suess' People/Masashi Kishimoto/kouri do. I make no profit. The concept of Paradisa belongs to the games creators and current mods.
Author's Note: Basically, this came from me thinking WHAT IS THE WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO RAPUNZEL IN THE GAME? Also this was my first fic written with ZenWriter.

    Rapunzel hadn't realized she was headed towards the Once-ler's room when she'd started walking. She was in a daze; nothing felt real... And yet she suspected that some part of her had been aware of where she was going. She sighed and knocked on the door, careful not to step on the welcome mat. No answer, but she knew he was in there. When wasn't he?

    "Garry's gone, too," she said through the door, voice cracking. There was a sound on the other side; something like a whimper. Rapunzel went on. "I'm sorry about Ino. I miss her, too... I know nothing was going to happen between you two, but it must still hurt." To her surprise, that got the Once-ler to open the door.
    "Was that supposed to help?" he murmured. Rapunzel flinched, only just realizing how calous her words must have sounded.

    "I'm sorry, it's just... He's gone, Once-ler. He's gone and I... I really loved him."

    The Once-ler sighed, sounding tired. He looked tired, with glassy eyes and unkempt hair. And it had barely been a day. "Do you want to come in?"

    "Do you want me to?"

    "I don't know... I guess. Yeah." He stepped aside and let her in, then shut the door and returned to his bed. As Rapunzel sat herself on the floor beside him, the Once-ler lay down and pulled his quilt over his head.

    "It'll be okay," Rapunzel said, but even she could recognize how mechanical; how scripted the words sounded. The Once-ler peered out from beneath the covers to give her a very half-hearted glare.

    "Yeah, well, people leave all the time. You will, too."

    "No, I won't, Once-ler. I won't." It wasn't just for his comfort that she said this. She didn't want to go back. Not ever.

    For a long moment, the Once-ler was silent, and then... "Yeah, I promised Ino that, once."

    "And you didn't leave her!"

    "Does it matter? She's gone and I'm still here. She probably doesn't even remember this place."

    "You don't know that!" Rapunzel snapped. Garry remembered her. He had to. And yet... Wouldn't it be better if he didn't? He couldn't choose to come back here, and she didn't want him to be in the pain she was. With a heavy sigh, she climbed up onto the bed, stretching out atop the quilt. "Sorry."

    "It's fine." Rapunzel blinked. He must be feeling really bad if he wasn't telling her to move.

    "We'll get through this."

    There was no answer, though, so Rapunzel just lay there beside him, wondering why the castle was so cruel, and how either of them would make it through this. Finally, she realized there was only one hope.

    "We have each other." They both had other friends, of course, but... She and the Once-ler had lost the most important people to them at the same time. That was a sad but strong bond, she could tell that much already.

    Quiet. Rapunzel half-wondered if he fell asleep, but then... "I guess we do."