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A Difficult Decision

Title: A Difficult Decision
Summary: Mother Dove's knowing meant there was no need to communicate the desire for help.
Rating: G
Warning: N/A
Fandom: Disney Fairies with a sprinkling of The Lorax
Verse: AU Crossover... Thing.
Characters/Pairing: Mother Dove, with mentions of basically every fairy ever and the Lorax, and references to the Once-ler.
Word Count: ~248
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Disney and ...Seuss's people? Universal? do. I make no profit.
Author's Note: I... Had to? I (am trying to) regret nothing. The start of a series, probably.

Mother Dove's knowing meant there was no need to communicate the desire for help. The fairies' connection to nature, not to mention how much nature had done to make Mother Dove what she was, meant the connection with the Lorax was strong.

She didn't have all the details, or know if the Lorax was truly asking for her help or had just happened to think of. But the idea of this man beginning to cut down those precious, precious trees...

She let out a coo of despair. She had to send one of her fairies to help. But who?

Would regal Queen Clarion's authority sway the Clumsy? Or... Lily seemed an obvious choice, being the best Garden Talent in Pixie Hollow. Prilla had a way with Clumsies, of course... Vidia and Tinker Bell were headstrong; stubborn. Neither one of them would give up. Terrence, bless him, was so good with emotion. Perhaps he could get the man to act out of the love that must exist somewhere in his heart. Speaking of emotion, would Rani's pure emotion move him to do the right thing? Could Fira's confidence help her through the task?

So very many options. Mother Dove wasn't used to such uncertainty. She closed her eyes and snuggled down on her egg, willing the answer to come to her. In the end, to Mother Dove's surprised, it was the vision of a raven-haired Water Talent that came to mind.

And so Silvermist was called for her journey.
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MORE CONSTUCTIVELY... I really love this. It's short, but it doesn't feel as though it out to be longer, which is a feeling I get with my own stuff a lot. I don't know fairy canon, but I love the sound of Mother Dove and her reasoning for going through all the fairies!