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Title: Stay
Summary: Rapunzel is sick of staying in City Hall.
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Insanity, unhealthy relationship, all that fun stuff..
Fandom: Tangled/Megamind
Verse: Eleven!Verse
Characters/Pairing: Megamind, Rapunzel; Megamind/Rapunzel
Word Count: ~296
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Disney owns Tangled and Dreamworks owns Megamind.
Author's Note: Yep, here's my monthly dose of crazy writing.

With time, Rapunzel had grown restless. Being trapped in City Hall was like being trapped in the tower, which she had vague, unhappy memories of. She wanted out. There was, of course, one big obstacle...

"It's not safe," Megamind hissed, giving his lover a cold stare.

"For you. I can disguise myself," Rapunzel said, willing her voice not to slip into pleading -- But it didn't quite work. "Why do you want me to be unhappy?"

"I want you to live!" Megamind snapped back. "Why don't you understand that?"

"You're just as bad as that woman!" Rapunzel cried out, only to find her hair being grabbed and tugged on so she stumbled closer to Megamind.

"Don't you ever say that. I'm nothing like her," he growled, their faces close.

Rapunzel impulsively sunk her teeth into her lover's lower lip, then drew back, spitting out a bit of blood. "I know that! I didn't say you're just like her! But you're being just as bad as her!"

"Little Love..." Megamind knew how bad it had to be for Rapunzel to get violent, so he continued softly, gently. "Please... Please don't go out there. I couldn't stand to lose you."

"Baby, don't you love me enough to let me try?"

"I love you more than that!" Megamind pleaded. "If they got you... I could never forgive myself. And you know I can't go on without you. You know that."

"I... I do know that," Rapunzel whispered, her state of mind bouncing back and forth as had become common. "I'm sorry, Baby. I won't leave. I won't."

Megamind held her close. "Thank you, Little Love."

But he wasn't comforted enough to stop him from tying Rapunzel's hair around his wrist every night after she fell asleep... Just in case.

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